Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference 2014. The Further, the Better


Last weekend Kyiv hosted UTIC, a major event focused on the current state of the Ukrainian translation industry. This year’s conference was the organizers’ second try to unite key players of the Ukrainian translation and localization market. The gig was a success, we have to admit. Top companies, market experts, eye-opening reports on industry trends — this all made UTIC-2014 an outstanding event.

UTIC SpeakersThis year the list of participating companies was quite impressive: Adobe, Acronis, ABBYY, several certified Microsoft partners, and even Translators Without Borders. In total, the event was attended by more than 200 people. The organizers also managed to extend the number of participants through introduction of online broadcasting. But, indeed, the chance to network and openly communicate was a great bonus for those industry agents who came to the event in person.

UTIC participantsThis year Promova was a UTIC Contributor. Bearing in mind the success of the previous conference, this time we decided to pull our fair weight and foster the development of the industry. Promova’s managing director, Vitaliy Vorobyov, was also invited to give a presentation and take part in the discussion on the modern state of translation training systems. Check out his overall impressions about the event:

“This year’s UTIC, regardless of the political situation in Ukraine, was even better than the pilot one, in 2013. Flawless organization, interesting tracks, and brilliant speakers with lively presentations and valuable ideas. UTIC has also confirmed that it is a great platform for new initiatives such as VoxTran, for instance, and sharing of ideas and experience between LSPs, freelancers and academics.”

In sum, the event was a success. Many speakers, including Kimmo Rossi, Stefan Gentz, Anu Carnegie-Brown, were amazed at how smoothly everything went. Indeed, the conference has great prospects, so let’s hope that next year the UTIC gets even better.