Life Science and Healthcare sectors make up a huge industry reported having one of the greatest needs in translation nowadays. Many manufacturers and technology companies, though, tend to rely on the expertise of their staff when it comes to communication, and there is a reason for that! Surely, no one knows your product better than you do. At some point, however, the volumes to be translated are just higher than a company can handle without professional help. And in this case, you may want your vendor to work closely with your experts to ensure consistency of terms and style.

Here what Promova can help you with at our Medical Translations department.

Medical Devices Translation

Operating medical devices requires skill but also the full understanding of the principles and controls. Help your users be comfortable with your products by translating all the various types of documentation that accompanies your devices. Examples of these include user guides for ultrasound systems, MRI systems, CT Scanners, TEE Probes, manuals for auxiliary equipment, operator manuals and much more.

Documentation Translation

We can help you with any documentation that you may need to translate, whether due to legal requirements or for commercial reasons. Be it safety data sheets, clinical records, certificates, catalogs, or specalogs, you'll get them in a local language right on time!

Medical Software Translation

Almost any device nowadays contains software which often needs to be localized too. You will benefit from our extensive experience in translating software for lung sonography systems, heart ultrasound scanning devices, MRI systems, CT scanners and dozens of other systems.
Check how we approach software localization here.

Clinical Trials Translation

Description of clinical studies, questionnaires, forms, bulletins, brochures, information sheets, study treatment guides for participants of clinical trials, programs of clinical trials, drug instruction cards - whatever your need is, we will find a right translator!

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