Do not spoil user experience with bad translation or no localization at all.

Let your games sound native to your target audience and trust your localization to professionals!

Flash Games Localization

Flash games may contain only a few words, but these few words are key for player's ability to play. Less amount of words for translation, however, usually means more games and quicker turnaround times, and we are prepared for that!

Strategy, RPG, Adventure

Role playing, strategy and adventure games, whether online or desktop, may contain loads of content for the player, but immersion won't be full without proper localization. It's not only about translating words, of course, but about adopting texts to match players reality.

Mobile Games Localization

Mobile games are becoming more and more popular and move from platform to platform to offer users more convenient ways to enjoy the play. Long gone are the times of string length restrictions for tiny mobile screens, but still there are many peculiarities when you decide to localize your mobile game.

Console Games Localization

Localizing console games requires real hands-on experience with joysticks and controllers as the translator should know all the terminology of different systems like PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, etc. In-context translation is not always possible in this case, so being experienced in games helps a lot in deciding where the text might go to.

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