By default testing is included in our localization services, but if you already have translated your product you can order it separately.

Localization testing is usually the final obligatory stage of product localization, and it ensures:

Localization Completeness

It is critically important to make sure that all UI elements are localized and nothing is left out. Mixed language IUs may spoil user's experience and harm your brand.


Order linguistic testing for your localized product to be sure that all units of measurement, UI elements, and terms are consistent in all texts.


After importing back into the software, GUI elements may be wrongly displayed. The cause could be the different length of a translated string, code limitations, or incorrect placement of tags or special symbols. Linguistic testing eliminates such bugs.

Local Standards

When you localize texts, it is important to comply with many minor local standards such as decimal symbols, whitespace characters, naming conventions, etc.

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