For successful communication with your target audience, you have to speak their language, that’s why it is very important to have your website properly localized.

Be it in Russian, Ukrainian or Polish your website’s language versions need linguistic support, and we are glad to provide you with that!

Website Content

Even with low budgets you can have a start with translating navigation menu, the home page and some key pages on your website, like purchase and delivery info, contact details and services descriptions. Translating the entire website may involve different types of content, though.

Marketing Materials

Just like with any other marketing materials these should be less straightforward and more creative than the rest of the content. A wise move would be to ask for transcreation with another marketing translator.

Legal Materials

Your Privacy Policies and Terms of Service are completely different types of documentation compared to the rest of your website (unless you are a law firm) and require a different approach. A selected legal translator will handle this at Promova.

Blog Posts

Even when your blog contains hundreds of posts, it may be a good idea to submit it for translation. Since years, blogs have become an important marketing tool and stay a valuable source of information for many visitors.

Product Descriptions

Statistics say that Product Descriptions are among the first things your visitor is likely to look for at your website, so be sure you send these for translation even if they are in separate PDF files.


Newsletters are often an integral part of company's communication strategy, and it's becoming more and more usual to split your contact lists by language of the audience.

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