A properly localized software and related documentation mean less workload for your support team and higher customer satisfaction.

Let us contribute to the success of your product on international markets.

UI Localization

User Interface is one of the most important elements of a software product. Experienced companies focus not only on making it user-friendly but also fully understandable in terms of language. The process usually involves extracting strings of text from the software, translating them in context, and importing back. Don't forget to schedule a linguistic testing round after your engineers have a new build ready!

UA and Help Files

Users will usually expect a software provider to explain to them how to use their product. User Assistance and Help files serve this purpose well, especially if they are in user's language.
UA files are translated after UI part is finished so that references to UI elements are correct and consistent.

Continuous Localization

It is possible to integrate localization seamlessly into your development process so that new releases (whenever you want them) come out already translated. Always.

Media Files and KB Translation

Your IT solutions may include different types of content like Flash, videos, animations, sound files, knowledge base articles, etc. These may also require localization, but need a different approach.

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