Although tech people in many cases understand each other without words, proper translation will secure your well-rounded communication with partners from Central and Eastern Europe.

Make your technical communication with clients and dealers seamless with our translations. Below you will find examples of documentation we can help you with.


Aircraft flight, operation, maintenance manuals, service bulletins, data sheets, specifications for airborne equipment etc.


Web catalogs of motor oils and lubricants, MSDS, operating, maintenance manuals, working procedures for chemical plants, product specifications, laboratory test reports etc.


Technical and legal documentation for farm solutions: equipment, machinery, grain storage, food packaging; as well as websites, tender and other documentation, business correspondence, all kinds of manuals, specifications.

Heavy & Automotive

Specalogs, software, all kinds of guides and manuals for such machines as wheel loaders, bulldozers, excavators, lifting cranes, automotive GPS systems, technical service information, etc.

Industrial Equipment

Web presentations, catalogs, handouts and manuals for machines used in metalworking, mining and machinery: machining centers, thread & spline rolling machines, coal crushing & conveying lines, etc.

Oil & Gas

Invitations to bid and bid proposals, contracts, specifications, policies, data sheets, catalogs, instructions, drawings (Autocad & Microstation), manuals, calculations.

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